My Father is my first Love

My father is my first love, from holding out tiny fingers to holding our bicycle we all surely would have special memories associated with our fathers. These are the memories which we cherish forever. Fathers are always the unsung hero, their sacrifice always gets unnoticed. We all would have troubled our fathers a lot during childhood but they never miss a chance to bring a smile to our faces.
I am thankful to my father for everything in life. He is the biggest blessing in my entire life.

I have always found his helping hand in every journey of my life starting from studies to learning car, he has made me a strong person. I remember an incident of my childhood when I was constantly falling from the cycle for the 5th time and then I was crying inconsolably, he took me aside and made me calm. He said a beautiful statement “I will be always there to hold you, go ahead”. My dad would have said this just to make me calm, but even after 30 years, I remember this line whenever I need to make a decision in life. He has always been there to hold me tight whenever I need the most, special during difficult phase.
My dad is and has always been my first love. He has always spoken the truth and help me to make the right decision in life. Dad has always guided me in the best direction on the road of life, he has shared his stories and struggles with me. My mother always envies the bond shared by us. Even after marriage, I still cry when I leave my dad’s place.
My childhood was not full of fairy tales and castles but my dad made sure that I am always treated as a princess. I have faced a lot of struggle when it comes to academics, I was never a bright student. My entire family used to make fun of me, but it was my father who always supported me saying education is not only about books.
He was the only one who recognized my talent and gave me wings to fly. I was always good at writing stories and explaining it in details. He has always encouraged me to open my own blog. I always proudly say to everyone that my father is my first love, he always has shared his opinion with me. He is the first person to share his constructive criticism with me.
His primary motto in life was to make me independent. I am always thankful and grateful to him that he has made me an independent and self-made person. My father is an amazing storyteller with whom I have shared wonderful time. I take opportunity this father’s day to thank him for everything in life, starting from little motivating stories to encouraging me during my tough times. We have shared giggles, laughter’s, tears and tough times together. He has always helped me to overcome the tough times. Welcome to the Father’s Day #SuperHero blog train, hosted by two wonderful ladies Priyanka Patwari of Flavors of World and Preety Tiwari of Delhi Blogger.

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